1857 Layman’s Prayer Revival

1442766193809Yesterday, Andrew told three stories about times God did amazing things that changed the course of history. Each time God used a small group of people seeking God and seeking a groundswell of conversions and faith. 

Here is an account of the second story, often called the 1857 Layman's Prayer Revival, which began with a 12-1pm Businessman's Prayer Meeting in NYC.

I pray it spurs you to pray for revival and pray that God would use Oakland in a similar way. That through Oakland, God would start a tidal wave of conversions, faith, prayer, revival, piety, evangelism, mission, and social revival. We pray for a landslide shift in churches all over Johnston County that God would cause thousands of conversions in JoCo and start dozens of churches, ministries, homeless shelters, food-pantries, recovery centers, and so much more. We pray that spreads through the whole Triangle and North Carolina. 


Please Lord. Please. 


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