An Extra Sermon on the Parable of the Treasure and the Pearl

As I said last week, I want to start giving you extra sermons from some of the best preachers around. I hope you won’t compare me too uncharitably, though I strive every week to preach like these men and women. Personally I try to listen to 3 sermons a week, last week, it was probably 6. (I listened to the following sermon 3 times). Audio sermon recordings are great for drives to work, yard work, and washing dishes. You could rot your brain on pop music and Beyonce or you could edify your soul with a powerful message. Listening to sermons on you iPod is in no way a replacement for being connected to a local church. You cannot grow apart from intimate community.
This week I want to recommend “The Parable of the Pearl: On Priorities,” a sermon delivered by Timothy Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. You will notice that one of this illustrations I used toys start my sermon also appears in Tim Keller’s sermon. His sermon was brilliant, and is exceptional at emphasizing the SOLD ALL HE HAD part of our parable, whereas I worked hard to emphasize the JOY OF THE TREASURE part in hopes that you would be motivated to sell everything. Hopefully together they create a huge harvest of faith and righteousness.
At the following link, you can either stream the sermon or download an MP3 for free.

“The Parable of the Pearl: On Priorities” by Timothy Keller

If you are extra hungry, I also enjoyed these two sermons, which share many of the same points. They are from Briarwood Presbyterian Church, preached by Harry Reeder.
The Parable of the Hidden Treasure— Receiving the King and His Kingdom
The Parable of the Costly Pearl—Receiving the King and His Kingdom

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