Virtual Worship – March 29, 2020

Sunday Morning Worship – March 29, 2020

We can cancel meetings and close buildings, but the Church is not canceled. We are the Church wherever we are and we still get to worship and get to serve.

Posted by Oakland Presbyterian Church on Sunday, March 29, 2020

This will be our last in-person gathering for a while, but don’t worry, we’ll continue to worship with our primary small groups AKA our families. This week, we’ll be sending out all kinds of cool resources for you to use in worship and videoing another worship service.

By Faith Oakland… Part 2

After last week’s sermon looking at the first 100 years of Oakland’s history, Pastor Andrew had many of you asking to hear the rest of the story.  To remember and revisit our history from the last 50 or so years.  There have been some hard times that Oakland has faced, but through it all God has been with us and lead us as only He can.  This second part of Oakland’s history is a story many members of Oakland lived through, and one that newer members should hear to get to know Oakland better.

The recording is a little soft, so you may need to turn up the sound on your listening device to be able to clearly here the message.

Extra Sermon on Anger

On Sunday we discussed how the gospel dissolves our anger and why human anger does not accomplish the righteousness of God. For those wanted to further explore the topic, this sermon by Timothy Keller is outstanding.


EXTRA SERMON: Another Sermon on How Jesus changes our Day Job

For the last 6 weeks, we asked, "Why Work?" Why work exists, why work is sacred, why work is broken, why work hurts, why work is redeemed, why work is redemptive?

We were guided by a book called, Every Good Endeavor by Timothy Keller. In the following talk, you'll here Timothy Keller explain 5 of the greatest implications for how the Gospel changes our work. It is really worth your 27 minutes, while you cook dinner or fold clothes.


1. “Faith gives you an inner ballast without which work could destroy you.”

2. “Faith gives you a concept of the dignity and worth of all work, even simple work, without which work could bore you.”

3. “Faith gives you a moral compass without which work could corrupt you.”

4. “Faith gives you a world and life view that shapes the character of your work, without which work could master and use you.”

5. “Hope.”