SERMON – Matthew 6:19-34 – The King’s Sermon (Part 5) – A Cure for Worry


Matthew 6:19-34 - The King's Speech (Part 5)

A Cure for Worry

Preached by Andrew Ruth

"Pagans worry about such things..."

Jesus diagnoses our worry as a spiritual problem, based in a misunderstanding about how much God loves us and provides for us. When we don't understand the good news of Jesus, we store up treasures and when our trust is in wealth, we cannot help but worry. 

SERMON – Matthew 6:1-18 – The King’s Speech – Lost Treasures and Their Hidden Rewards


Matthew 6:1-18 - The King's Speech (Part 4)

Lost Treasures and Their Hidden Rewards

Preached by Andrew Ruth

In this sermon we discuss the lost treasures of the spiritual disciplines, especially alms, prayer, and fasting. Jesus assumed we would do these things, and we see in Acts 15, that when the church at Antioch did this things, God gave them a mission and a willingness that changed the world. We fast and pray because we want God to use Oakland like he used Antioch, to start a missionary movement that rocks the world and spreads the gospel to people not yet aware of Jesus' love and saving death.

SERMON – Matthew 5:17-37 – What Jesus Thinks of The Bible


Matthew 5:17-37 - The King's Speech (Part 2)

What Jesus Thinks of The Bible

Preached by Andrew Ruth

 In this sermon, we see how Jesus interprets and fulfills the Old Testament, especially the 10 Commandments. We see that Jesus hates sin in our lives and advices us to kill it at all costs. We find that the gospel of grace demands radical repentance.


SERMON – Matthew 4:12-25 – Behind Enemy Lines (Part 2)


Matthew 4:12-25 - Behind Enemy Lines (Part 2)

On the Offensive

Preached by Andrew Ruth

As Jesus begins his active ministry he selects the PLACE, the PEOPLE, and the PROGRAM.


Jesus begins and focuses his ministry on the frontier, in Galilee of the Gentiles, where Jewish and non-Jewish (Gentile) folk mingle and mix. 
We too, should locate ourselves and our ministries on the frontiers, where Christians and non-Christians mix, that we might introduce people to the living God through Jesus Christ.  We are to be BRACKISH Christians.


Jesus chooses the PEOPLE he ministers with.
1. Jesus chooses a few. He goes deep with a few, and so we should focus primarily on making disciples of a few folks, and going deep with them. 
2. Jesus calls who he wants, because he wants. Jesus chooses his disciples, they do not choose him. Jesus chooses them, not because of anything they did or possess, but simply because he wills them to be his disciples. 1 Cor 1:19ff.
3. Jesus does not call the qualified, Jesus qualifies the called. 2 Cor 3:5ff.


Jesus calls people to FOLLOW and FISH.
To FOLLOW means to Accompany, to Imitate, and to Obey. To be WITH, to be LIKE, and to be UNDER.
To FISH means disciples make disciples. Spiritual reproduction is constitutive of discipleship.