Camp Scholarships

I don’t know how to explain it. I just met God at The Great Escape!

Oakland Middle School Student

Camperships Available for Weekend Retreats and Summer Camps

Oakland Presbyterian Church believes in the transforming power of Summer Camp and Weekend Retreats to allow children and youth to experience the love of Jesus and the full, abundant life Jesus offers his followers. Time after time, we’ve seen our sons and daughters meet Jesus in profound, life-altering ways on these trips.

To ensure that money is never a barrier to participation, Oakland is proud to offer scholarships to all Oakland members and children of members to participate on these trips.

Apply for a Camper Scholarship using this Form.

Apply for a Chaperone Scholarship using this Form.

Approved Camps:

Camp Albemarle, The Great Escape, ARISE (participant only), Presbytery Retreats for Youth, Presbyterian Supported Camps, Approval for Other Camps may be granted by Christian Ed and Session.

Scholarship Amounts:

Week-long Camps(4 days or longer): $150
Weekend Camps/Retreats: $50
Youth per Year Maximum: $200
Chaperone per Year Maximum: $50