Millions of folks have given up on church, because it was unhelpful at developing real relationships between real people and a real God. We’re not a social club or an entertainment enterprise, but we’re discovering two HUGE TRUTHS:

1. We can’t follow Jesus alone. Faith is not just “me and Jesus.”
AND 2. If following Jesus gets boring, you’re doing it wrong.

So look around and find a place you can plug in, rub elbows, sip coffee, and swap stories with other people at Oakland in order than both of you might learn and grow.

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Psychological studies show that human beings cannot develop into full-grown, mature humans in isolation. Apart from interacting with other human beings, a person will never become what they were meant to be: fully alive, connected, serving, loving, growing.

From a spiritual perspective, this phenomenon exists, because human beings were created for community. We are communal creatures, created by a God who is community – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In the beginning God said, “It is not good for man to be alone,” and Jesus acknowledged this through hundreds of “one another” statements – “Love one another,” “Serve one another,” “Forgive one another.”

But connection with other human beings is not enough to mature fully, for humans are spiritual beings and just as we need vital relationships with one another, we desperately need a dynamic, personal relationship with God. At Oakland, every event, class, sermon, and service is designed to cultivate and fertilize relationships between you and God and also you and your neighbors.