Adult Sunday School

Our goal is to make more and better disciples of Jesus, so we are committed to spiritual maturation. We want to know more of Jesus and his heart for us. We want to learn more of the Scriptures and their applications for our lives.

For adults seeking to grow spiritually, Oakland offers numerous avenues to learn, serve, and mature.

We currently offer 4 Sunday School Courses for Adults. These meet each week at 9:30am for coffee and conversation. The curriculum for each of these classes changes seasonally to address specific spiritual needs and interests. Feel free to plug in wherever tickles your fancy and drives you to know and love God more.


The Betty Jo Hatcher Class

The Betty Jo Hatcher Class is currently discussing, The Christian Community Comes Alive,” by studying the Book of Acts. We want to see how Jesus’ death and resurrection launched a movement that upended the world. We’re going back to learn from the earliest Christians, about what changes when the Holy Spirit takes control. Our class is favors discussion and individual input, so that we can learn from each other’s experience and application. We are seasoned with years of living, but constantly learning, because we love the Lord and the Lord’s not done with us yet. Current ages range 50s-80s.

The Upper Room

The Upper Room Class is studying God’s Word through prophets like Micah, Amos, and Joel. These prophet teachers attacked rote religious practices and challenged God’s people to love mercy and do justice. After the Minor Prophets, we’ll study the Holy Spirit’s work in Christians and Churches. Under the prodding of two teachers and an easy to understand curriculum, we investigate the Scriptures for God’s Word to us. As a group we value good Bible scholarship and modern interpretation helps, but believe everyone is capable of reading God’s Word and learning to live it out. Our current ages range from 30s-80s.

The Faithful Followers

The Faithful Followers continue to study famous Bible characters with their new study: The End of an Era: The Rise and Fall of Solomon. According to the Bible, Solomon was the wisest man alive, a skilled poet and musician, and wealthier than Bill Gates, but his life came apart at the seams. We want to know how why, because he had what all our world wants, and it ended in heartache. We want a different ending for our stories. Our class is home to many parents of middle and high school students among a diverse group of people in different life stages. Current age range: 20s-50s.

The Developing Disciples

The Developing Disciples are works in progress. We’re just trying to get our grips on Jesus, his teaching, and his importance, so this Fall we’re going to focus on Jesus. To understand Jesus and the Good News, we’ll look at Jesus in connection with God’s Promises in the Old Testament. Why is Jesus’ death necessary, awful, and awesome? How is Jesus important for my life? The Devoted Disciples are a young class of mainly young parents, so we spend significant time just comparing notes on weekly failures and successes as we try to follow Jesus. Current age range: 20s-30s.

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