Like the old days, we still get together as a family on Sundays to seek God, grow spiritually, and share joy. We take turns keeping the nursery, making the coffee, and telling stories. Around 9:30AM, we gather to study the Bible in small groups, because we’ve found that a life lived together is better, richer, and somehow more of a life. At 10:30AM, we start our large group worship time in the Sanctuary, where we sing some old and some new songs before Pastor Andrew highlights the thousands of places that Jesus’ ancient wisdom intersects, interrupts, and informs our modern lives. Our hope is that each of us would meet Jesus, follow Jesus, and live like Jesus in our families and neighborhoods.

Tips for Sunday:




Stick around for 6 weeks before deciding if Oakland is the place for you. Our worship changes week to week, and we know that not every week will light spiritual fireworks for every person.

Only Salesmen Use the Front Door

You’re invited and expected so come on through the side doors under the covered drive.

Wear What You Want

God cares more about your heart than your clothes. We each wear what helps us love and revere Jesus.

There Are No Assigned Seats

So don't worry about stealing anybody's pew. Sit where you want and where you can be comfortable. The oldtimers amongst us will gladly find other places to sit.

Bring Your Kids

We have a nursery for children from infants to 3 and a children’s worship program for 4K-3rd grade. Though we are happy for you to have them in worship with you. All staff and volunteers are vetted and background checked.

Bring Your Brain, Imagination, and Experience

We love hard questions, creative thought, and personal stories, because we believe God does too. When we read the Bible, we do so as rational, emotional, and experiential human beings, not as bifurcated personalities.

Don’t Plan on Lunch before 12:00

We like to take our time listening to Jesus and talking to one another, therefore our worship lasts an average of 75 minutes, finishing around 11:45.

Common Questions:

Who Comes?

We strive to be as diverse as the community around us. Farmers, Bankers, Plumber, StayAtHomeMoms, Artists, College Kids, Retirees, Racecar Drivers, and Professional Crafters all call Oakland home. We are skeptics, cynics, doubters, atheists, believers, followers, and disciples. All of us once were drunks, failures, liars, cheaters, or thieves, but we have found more joy, pleasure, and purpose in Jesus than in any of those former things, and so we’re trying to live as the new people he makes us to be.

Is Worship Uptight?

Great question, because it is a sin to bore someone with the Gospel. We are a Presbyterian Church that appreciates the rituals and language that’s formed people for generations. But we are also a modern church for this generation, so we aren’t afraid to tinker with tradition. We value simplicity and beauty in worship, so we don’t use projection screens or gilded Bibles. We do receive communion each month and often we sing ancient hymns in new arrangements. It’s not easy to explain, so just come and see for yourself.