Marriage Revolution Seminar


For the joy of good marriages and the restoration of broken ones, Oakland is hosting the Marriage Revolution Seminar on April 21 from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Register now to reserve your seat.

God created humans male and female, male and female he created them in his image and he gave to us the gift of marriage.  God gave us marriage for our mutual enjoyment and comfort.  God gave us marriage to create a place for the full expression of love its most personal, emotional, spiritual, and physical intimacy.  God gave us marriage to sanctify us by exposing our selfishness and experiencing forgiveness.  God gave us marriage to reproduce, sometimes physically and always spiritually.  But most importantly, God gave us marriage, because in good, healthy marriages, we see a glimpse of Jesus’ love for his Church and his commitment to her.

This conference is presented in coordination with Foundation Restoration.