SERMON – Matthew 1:18-23 – The Snow Globe Kingdom (Part 3) – Born of the Spirit


Matthew 1:18-25 - The Snow Globe Kingdom (Part 3)

Born of the Spirit

Preached by Andrew Ruth
Matthew 1:18-25

(Wonder why we call this "The Snow Globe Kingdom?" We explain it here.)

3 Things the Holy Spirit does.

Story shows us 3 things the Holy Spirit does. 

We see that the HOLY SPIRIT,
1.) Brings order out of chaos.
2.) New Creation of brokenness.
3.) Conceives Jesus as a human, and in human hearts and minds. 

2 Names of Jesus

2 Names tell us who Jesus is and what Jesus will do.

1.) Jesus - Because He, Himself, will save his people from their sins.
2.) Emmanuel - God With Us.

Joseph’s 1 Choice

Joseph still has a choice.
1. Will Joseph abort the King or will he humiliate himself to welcome God's Kingdom?

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