SERMON – Matthew 2:1-23 – The Snow Globe Kingdom (Part 4) – Us at Our Best and Worst


Matthew 2:1-23 - The Snow Globe Kingdom (Part 4)

Humanity at Our Best and Worst

Preached by Andrew Ruth
Matthew 2:1-23

(Wonder why we call this "The Snow Globe Kingdom?" We explain it here.)

At Our Best

The Pagan Magicians from the East, show us that at our best, humans are very, very lost, worshipping things that are not God (stars) as God. Still we see that God is generous enough to use even our idols to lead us to the thrown of King Jesus. 

At Our Worst

The murderous King Herod shows us humanity at our worst, hostile to God and to one another, murderously protecting our rights and comforts as self-appointed kings. Even so, Emmanuel, God with Us, Jesus comes to the earth and suffers the greatest extremes of human cruelty in order to rescue and redeem those in the worst possible scenarios.  

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