SERMON – Matthew 4:1-11 – Behind Enemy Lines (Part 1) – Temptation of Jesus


Matthew 4:1-11 - Behind Enemy Lines (Part 1)

Temptation of Jesus

Preached by Andrew Ruth

3 General Truths about Temptation

First, the Devil Tempts, God Tests.
You are most vulnerable to the Devil, when you feel closest to God.
There are no new temptation, only new versions of the same old temptations.

Jesus endured 3 Temptations - the same temptations we endure.

Stones to Bread. 

This is the temptation to pleasure myself. This is the temptation to satisfy my desires right now, my way, and not Gods. This is the temptation to believe that God only loves you if you have what you want when you want it how you want it.

Throw yourself off the Temple.

First Satan tempted Jesus with Pleasure, now he tempts him with Proof. Satan says, “If you’re the son of God, prove that God loves you and that God will rescue you, by putting yourself in a stupid, uselessly dangerous situation that God force God to rescue you.”

Bow down and worship me.

This last temptation is the temptation to Promote myself. This is the occult temptation of “The ends justify the means.” Jesus is being tempted to seemingly accomplish the right thing, the wrong way. He is tempted to accomplish God’s goals using the Devil’s methods.

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