Extra Sermon on Anger

On Sunday we discussed how the gospel dissolves our anger and why human anger does not accomplish the righteousness of God. For those wanted to further explore the topic, this sermon by Timothy Keller is outstanding.


SERMON – Matthew 5:17-37 – What Jesus Thinks of The Bible


Matthew 5:17-37 - The King's Speech (Part 2)

What Jesus Thinks of The Bible

Preached by Andrew Ruth

 In this sermon, we see how Jesus interprets and fulfills the Old Testament, especially the 10 Commandments. We see that Jesus hates sin in our lives and advices us to kill it at all costs. We find that the gospel of grace demands radical repentance.


Weekly Bible Reading Plan – June 28 – July 5

Matt 5.17-37B Reading Slide - The Kings Speech (part 2B)

 Questions to Guide You:

  1. What stands out on your second time reading these texts?
  2. Last time we mainly talked about the role of God’s Word in our lives, this time let’s look deeper at each command.
  3. What does Ephesians tell us about our anger? How should we manage it? Is it always sinful? When does it become sinful?
  4. How are anger and lying and oath taking all linked together?
  5. What does God want for your sexuality according to 1 Thess 4? Your sex life? How important is this according to Paul in 1 Thess 4?
  6. What is God mad about in Malachi 2:13-16? How might this critique and correct our culture’s approach to marriage and divorce?
  7. What does it mean to let your “Yes be Yes” and “No be No”? How is that different from “maybe?” How can you answer more definitively this week?
  8. What does Numbers 23:19 tell us about God? Why is this good news concerning our salvation? How scary would it be if God could at anytime change His mind or lose His temper?

For a printer-friendly copy of this reading plan, including sample questions to augment your study of Scripture, Download the PDF.