SERMON – An Extra Sermon on Changing your Life

I don't change my life SO THAT Jesus will love me. BECAUSE Jesus loves me, my life changes.

We don't grow spiritually by moving past the basic gospel that we're sinners saved by grace into the super spiritual curriculum. Rather, spiritual growth is the right application of the implications of God's Salvation in every area of life. All of our sin is at its core a failure to believe or to apply the truth we learn in Jesus that not because of anything we have done, but because of Jesus, we are infinitely loved, cherished, accepted, and valuable to the God of the universe.

If it is true, and it is, that no area of life is untouched by the infection of sin, then it must also be true that the gospel must be the antidote in every area of life. We must rethink our marriages, jobs, hobbies, relationships, and vacations in light of the gospel. The Gospel changes everything and redeems every area of our lives.

This sermon by Timothy Keller, a Presbyterian pastor in New York City, helps us begin to think out the implications of the gospel for every area of life.


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