Weekly Bible Reading Plan – October 25 – November 1

For the Joy Reading Plan Part 1

Questions to Guide Your Study:

  • This week, we want to think about the GENEROSITY OF GOD, by remembering all the things he has given humanity. So as you read these passages, make a list of the things God has given.
  • What has God given to humanity in general and you specifically?
  • In Titus, Jesus gives his life to ransom us. What was his motivation according to Titus and Hebrews?
  • Why does God give to us? Why is God repeatedly generous?
  • What does God give to human beings in Genesis 1? I can think of at least 5. Which of these is the most impressive?
  • Ezekiel 20 is a recap chapter in the Bible. What gifts did God give to Israel? What promises did God give? Why did God give the law and commandments?
  • How do people respond to God’s gifts most often? In the Old Testament, how did people respond to God’s generosity?
  • What is the greatest display of God’s generosity? What does God give in John 3:16? Why?
  • What does Jesus give in John 20?
  • What is the right response to a give given in love? What are the wrong ways to treat or approach gifts? How do you generally treat God’s gifts?

If you are new to reading the Bible and would benefit from a brief orientation, download this How To Use This Book. If you want dig a deeper into the Bible, download this Guide to Inductive Bible Study.