An Introduction to Baptism – An Outline

I'm preparing to counsel another family before the Baptism of their children, and so I figured I'd share on here the three documents I give every family I counsel. Baptism is one of 2 sacraments (The Lord's Supper is the other). For something to be a sacrament, it must have been instituted and commanded by Jesus in the Scriptures. Many other practices are beneficial, but these two actions are special, and visualize the gospel in a unique way. 


An Intro to Baptism – An Outline of Scripture

This document traces what the Scriptures say about Baptism and boils it down to three main points about water. 

1.) We use water for washing - so in baptism we celebrate that all our sin has been washed away by the blood of Jesus. 
2.) We use water for burial (either to prepare or burial at sea) - so in baptism we celebrate that we have died with Christ and been raised to new life. We are new creatures, the old is gone and the new has come. 
3.) Water breaks during childbirth - We are reborn or born again when we put our faith in Jesus, and when a baby is born they become part of a new family connected to people they did not choose. So too in baptism we are made part of God's family the church, called to love these people as family. 

Baptism – An Intro

Baptism by Francis Schaeffer

This document helps explain and reproof mainly commonly held misconceptions about infant baptism. Francis Schaeffer, one of the leading evangelical preachers of the last 100 years, argues that Infant Baptism is Biblical.  I find it especially important for families who grew up in churches that believe baptism is only for believing adults and by total immersion. 

Baptism, by Francis Schaeffer BLANK

The Baptism Service Outline

Lastly, I give each family a copy of a Baptism Service, so they can see the questions they will be asked and answered. 

Baptism of __________