Nothing is Wasted – Our Easter Pallet Cross Wall

On Easter Sunday, we make art from used, broken stuff. Last year we made a 12' paper mosaic. This year we made a 4.5'x6' Cross Wall out of Pallet Lumber, and it turned out beautiful. This art is a tangible reminder that God can and will make the seemingly damaged, used, broken pieces of our lives into something useful, beautiful, and saving.

Nothing is Wasted Slide cropped

Next to our cross, there is the following Explanation:

Each of us comes to Jesus just like one of these boards. We come with our own raw beauty, the grains he put in our soul, the unique qualities God invested in us when he knit us together in our mother’s womb, but we also come with our own scars and rough spots, our own weaknesses, failures, and wounds. We come to Jesus with wounds other people inflicted upon us and with our own defects that have harmed others. We come “distressed,” not in pristine, brand-new condition.
Jesus does not reject our imperfections, rather Jesus takes us with all our knots, scrapes, splinters, scars, cracks, and nails and he reworks us into something more beautiful precisely because it was broken and now redeemed. He is so good and so committed that he is able to make beauty from brokenness, beauty from ashes, life from dust, and saints from sinners. Jesus doesn’t find us holy, he makes us holy.
In Jesus’ death on the cross, we see the worst of human sin, but in the resurrection, we see how God could use even that to redeem us. That’s why we call the day, “GOOD Friday,” because what was the worst day in history, God made the greatest. We, and even Jesus, still bare the scars, but somehow God gets more glory and we get more joy as we see just how beautifully God transforms our pain and weaknesses into testimonies of his goodness and faithfulness and artistry. Thank Jesus, that he accepts, redeems, and remakes used lumber like me and you, and makes us into his masterpieces.
In Jesus, we are    Reclaimed     |     Redeemed    |    Remade

As I designed and built our Easter Project this year, these three songs really moved me to gratitude and wonder at Jesus' incredible love.

Elevation Worship – Nothing is Wasted

Jason Gray – Nothing is Wasted

Chris McClarney – Beauty for Ashes

Maundy Thursday Service

Maundy Thursday Service


March 24 at 7:00 pm

There are some things words cannot express, they must be demonstrated and experienced. The night of Jesus’ arrest, he demonstrated his love in two of the most audacious and even scandalous ways possible in order to leave no doubt. Join us as we relive these intimate moments; as we demonstrate and experience the radical love of Jesus, who died for failures, screw-ups, and know-it-alls. Let us prepare for the horror of the cross and the joy of the resurrection by washing feet and eating the Lord’s Supper.


Music for the Resurrection

There are somethings you can sing that you can't say. There are other things that you can play that you can't sing. As Darrell Scott sings, "I've been singing about things I should be telling to my shrink, and to my shrink I've been singing Kumbaya."
It's strange and yet true that somehow the meter, rhyme-schemes, and brevity of poetry allow it to say more than pages and pages of prose. So when we come to Church, we assume the music will teach us and shape us and spark us in ways that 30 minutes of preaching never could. Try using evolution to explain that! 
So following Easter, I wanted to let music help us think through the Resurrection. These songs vary in style but all share the same subject matter so check it out. 

Christ is Risen

I love the celebration of this song, especially the bridge, "Oh Death, where is your sting? Oh Hell, where is your victory?"  I particulary love the spoken word in this video. The poem is beautiful in its bleak assessment of Death and of its exhilarating conclusion about Jesus.

Buried in the Grave

I'm in love with All Sons and Daughters. I love their simple arrangements of a guitar, a piano, and (often) a cello. This song is beautiful and haunting in the ways it imagines the disciples' shattered experience of the cross. "There was a day we held our breath,/ and felt the sting of bitter death,/ when all our hopes were buried in the grave.// Our eyes awake, our hearts were torn,/ between our faith and what we knew/ before our King was buried in the grave.// Grace was in the tension of everything we'd lost/ Standing empty handed, shattered by the cross."

Death in His Grave

This song is written by a North Carolinian with incredible worship impulses. He and his church went into a Nightly Revival that lasted months, and so many of these songs were composed spontaneously as he searched for new songs to play. I love the theology of this song, and again the bridge hammers it home, "He has defeated,/ Death and seated/ Us above the Fall.// In desparate places/ He paid our wages/ Once and once for all!"


Time to Celebrate!

Easter-ItIsDone Whole
Sunrise Celebration @ 6:30AM in the Cemetery

We’ll start our Easter Celebrations in the same kind of place, where Easter began, a graveyard. What makes Easter Easter is the death of death, so we’ll celebrate in the abandoned home of the dead. If that sounds cryptic, it’s not, it’s just that unfathomably good news. This service will be a short and intimate.

Main Easter Celebration @ 9:45AM in the Fellowship Hall

This is going to be a party! We’ll celebrate with breakfast and coffee, as we start the process of wrapping our heads and hearts around Jesus’ Resurrection. We’ll celebrate in some familiar ways and some unique ways including composing a Flowered Cross and a huge Stained Glass Window art project. This celebration will run straight into our 11:00AM worship service to create awesome time of worship. Get there early for a good seat.