SERMON: The Way of Jesus (Part 4) – I am Called to WORSHIP

The Way of Jesus (Part 4): I am called to WORSHIP

Pastor Andrew Ruth
February 1, 2015
Isaiah 44:6-22
Romans 12:1-2
John 4:1-26


I worship whatever my life revolves around.


I worship whatever my happiness and depression hinge upon.


I worship whatever I build my life upon.

Weekly Reading Plan

This sermon series includes a weekly Bible Reading Plan.  Each week we read in preparation for the sermon coming next week. Next week we will discuss The Way of Jesus - I am called to MATURE, so this week we will be reading about maturity and spiritual growth using this WEEK 5 READING PLAN. Tips and suggested questions available on the PDF.

 TheWayOfJesus-I am called to - Week 5 Reading Slide