SERMON – Matthew 6:19-34 – The King’s Sermon (Part 5) – A Cure for Worry


Matthew 6:19-34 - The King's Speech (Part 5)

A Cure for Worry

Preached by Andrew Ruth

"Pagans worry about such things..."

Jesus diagnoses our worry as a spiritual problem, based in a misunderstanding about how much God loves us and provides for us. When we don't understand the good news of Jesus, we store up treasures and when our trust is in wealth, we cannot help but worry. 

Weekly Bible Reading Plan – June 7-14

Matt 4.12-25 - Reading Plan Slide 6.7-6.14

 Questions to Guide You:

  1. Last week, we read about temptation and Jesus’ fight with Satan’s temptations. How is this week’s reading a continuation of that fight? What actions attack the Devil’s kingdom and build Jesus’?
  2. How does the Bible describe people before Jesus shows up on the scene? After?
  3. Why does Jesus preach the same sermon John the Baptist did?
  4. Jesus calls James, John, Andrew, and Peter to follow him. What does it mean to follow? How did they follow Jesus? How do we?
  5. What did it cost the disciples to follow Jesus according to Matt 4 and Luke 18? What does it cost us? What sacrifices should we make?
  6. What is so awesome that it is worth following Jesus and sacrificing?
  7. What does Paul say about the people called by Jesus in 1 Cor 1? Does that sound accurate about the disciples? About us?
  8. According to Ps. 103, what is God like? What does God do? What does God not do? How does Jesus fit the description in Ps 103?
  9. What does 2 Cor 1:3-5 promise us in affliction? How have you experienced this?

For a printer-friendly copy of this reading plan, including sample questions to augment your study of Scripture, Download the PDF. 


SERMON – Matthew 2:1-23 – The Snow Globe Kingdom (Part 4) – Us at Our Best and Worst


Matthew 2:1-23 - The Snow Globe Kingdom (Part 4)

Humanity at Our Best and Worst

Preached by Andrew Ruth
Matthew 2:1-23

(Wonder why we call this "The Snow Globe Kingdom?" We explain it here.)

At Our Best

The Pagan Magicians from the East, show us that at our best, humans are very, very lost, worshipping things that are not God (stars) as God. Still we see that God is generous enough to use even our idols to lead us to the thrown of King Jesus. 

At Our Worst

The murderous King Herod shows us humanity at our worst, hostile to God and to one another, murderously protecting our rights and comforts as self-appointed kings. Even so, Emmanuel, God with Us, Jesus comes to the earth and suffers the greatest extremes of human cruelty in order to rescue and redeem those in the worst possible scenarios.  


On April 19, 2015, we started a new longterm Sermon Series to preach our way through the entirety of the Gospel according to Matthew. My overarching title for the whole Matthew Sermon Series is “FOR THE KING,” but to keep it fresh and interesting, we will break this extended study into smaller “mini-series.” Our first mini-series covers Matthew 1-3, and I’ve entitled it “THE SNOW GLOBE KINGDOM.”

Why call the first 3 chapters of Matthew’s Gospel, The Snow Globe Kingdom? Good question. I call them The Snow Globe Kingdom, because they are in many ways a miniature version of the entire Gospel. They present to us in introductory fashion, the major points about God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; about humanity at its best and worst; about God’s history of saving the world; about God’s mercy; and about God’s grace. We will see “in miniature” the beauty and the horror of the whole Bible.

In the first sentence, we will see a summary of God’s faithfulness, as we hear of the promises accomplished in Jesus. In the genealogy, we will see God’s judgment on arrogant, idolatrous kings, and his global mercy on repentant, scandalously sinful, pagan women. In the birth of Jesus to Mary, we will see how the Holy Spirit works on human beings, and how God overcomes the impossible. In Joseph’s response to this scandalous birth, we will see the definition of “righteousness.” In the Magi, we see human beings at their very best, idolaters worshiping false gods, and yet we will simultaneous see how God overcomes our ignorance to lead us to worship and adore gladly the King of the Jews. In Herod’s murderous, lying rage, we see ourselves at our worst, usurping, mutinous, and hostile to God, like Adam and Eve, rejecting the King/God inorder to preserve our own authority and sovereignty. In all of this, we will see a baby, named Jesus, who recapitulates the history of Israel, and the history of humanity. We will see a baby, vulnerable, loved and hated aggressively and somehow “God With Us” in our vulnerability and subject to our hostility. In all of it, we will see the bad news about ourselves and the good news about Jesus.

Because of that it reminds me of a Snow Globe, a minute, intricate, beautiful version of a Kingly Palace. I hope in these first 3 chapters to tour the grounds and the chambers of this beautiful lifesaving message.