On May 8, 2016, our youth will lead us to worship God and make Jesus famous.

Come ready to be challenged, encouraged, and generally rocked off your feet, spiritually speaking that is. They will help us meditate on three stories of FAITH, and how they are good news for Americans in 2016.

Youth Sunday 2016 Reading Slide

Why do we hand over worship?

Well it was theirs to start with. Our Youth are not the future of the Church; they are the Church. We design worship with them in mind, just as we design it with adults and new comers, so every now and then it’s fun to see what they come up with for our time together.

Moreover, you never discover spiritual gifts if you never get a chance to use them. Pastor Andrew preached for the first time on Youth Sunday 2003 to a church of more than 500 people, and discovered his passion for teaching and gift for communicating God’s Word. How many of our young members have similar gifts for preaching, singing, encouraging, serving, leading worship, or playing music and just don’t yet know it? Pastor Andrew wouldn’t be here if someone hadn’t asked him to try preaching over a decade ago. Youth Sunday could be the day, God calls one of our members into a life of service or it could be the day God uses our young to stir faith in the cold heart of a pre-Christian neighbor.

Sept 6 – Oct 18 – Sign Me Up

Sign Me Up - Following Jesus as a Youth Member of Oakland

Our deepest desire for people, is that they would hear the Words of Jesus and the Call of Jesus and respond, "SIGN ME UP." We want people to meet Jesus and sign up as disciples. Following Jesus is an awesome adventure, but life is complex, and sometimes trying to figure out who Jesus is, why he is important, and how should I follow him as a teenager is difficult. So this Fall, on Sunday Nights, Pastor Andrew will host the PYC to discuss Jesus, Christianity, and Church from the Youth perspective. If you've never joined Oakland and/or been baptized, this will serve as "confirmation" class.

SERMON – Matthew 4:12-25 – Behind Enemy Lines (Part 2)


Matthew 4:12-25 - Behind Enemy Lines (Part 2)

On the Offensive

Preached by Andrew Ruth

As Jesus begins his active ministry he selects the PLACE, the PEOPLE, and the PROGRAM.


Jesus begins and focuses his ministry on the frontier, in Galilee of the Gentiles, where Jewish and non-Jewish (Gentile) folk mingle and mix. 
We too, should locate ourselves and our ministries on the frontiers, where Christians and non-Christians mix, that we might introduce people to the living God through Jesus Christ.  We are to be BRACKISH Christians.


Jesus chooses the PEOPLE he ministers with.
1. Jesus chooses a few. He goes deep with a few, and so we should focus primarily on making disciples of a few folks, and going deep with them. 
2. Jesus calls who he wants, because he wants. Jesus chooses his disciples, they do not choose him. Jesus chooses them, not because of anything they did or possess, but simply because he wills them to be his disciples. 1 Cor 1:19ff.
3. Jesus does not call the qualified, Jesus qualifies the called. 2 Cor 3:5ff.


Jesus calls people to FOLLOW and FISH.
To FOLLOW means to Accompany, to Imitate, and to Obey. To be WITH, to be LIKE, and to be UNDER.
To FISH means disciples make disciples. Spiritual reproduction is constitutive of discipleship. 

Weekly Bible Reading Plan – May 24 – May 31

Snow Globe Kingdom Week 6 Reading Plan - 5.24 - 5.31

 Questions to Guide You:
  1. Why do you think Jesus was baptized, even though he was sinless? Who is he surrounded by in the river? What kind of attitude is this?
  2. What happens when Jesus comes out of the water? Who are the active parties? How is this similar to “baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit?”
  3. What does God the Father say to his Son? What does the Father give his Son? These are the same things said to us and given to us by faith?
  4. In Acts, who is invited to be baptized?
  5. According to Colossians, what does baptism represent? How is baptism like a funeral? Like a birth?
  6. Colossians also mentions circumcision, as the old sign of the covenant. What did circumcision do? How is baptism the “new circumcision?”
  7. When you are baptized and trust in Jesus, God says to you, “This is my child, my beloved, who pleases me greatly.” How does that make you feel? How would you live, if you believed that?

For a printer-friendly copy of this reading plan, including sample questions to augment your study of Scripture, Download the PDF. 


Weekly Bible Reading Plan – May 3 – May 10

Snow Globe Kingdom Week 3 Reading Plan - 5.3 - 5.10

 Questions to Guide You:
  1. How did the Magi find out about Jesus? Has God ever led you to worship through nature?
  2. Why do you think Herod and Jerusalem where terrified? Why do you think Herod and the Priests didn’t go with the Magi to Bethlehem? When is it terrifying to hear about King Jesus?
  3. How did the Magi feel when they found Jesus? What did they do when they found him? Who are human beings supposed to worship?
  4. How is Jesus’ birth like Moses’ birth (compare Pharaoh and Herod)? What did Moses do for Israel? How will Jesus be like Moses?
  5. Herod’s murder of the babies is horrible. Stop and pray for those violent places where kids are soldiers, refugees, or murdered? How hard is it to believe that God wants to save a world that kills babies?
  6. Thinking about the Jesus Star and about Ps 19, what can we learn about God from the world? How does God’s Bible in Ps 19 and Matt 2:6 clarify and go beyond what we learn in Creation?
  7. What encouragement do Psalm 37 and Psalm 42 give us when we are victims or when we’re just saddened?

For a printer-friendly copy of this reading plan, including sample questions to augment your study of Scripture, Download the PDF



Interested in committing to Oakland as Member? Wonder what that entails? What are membership requirements and expectations?

All good questions that we’re going to work through over four Tuesday nights in April and May as we eat delicious desserts at Pastor Andrew’s house.

New Member Desserts
Tuesday Nights @ 7PM (April 14, 21, 28, and May 5)
Pastor Andrew’s Place

RSVP for directions to

SERMON: The Way of Jesus (Part 5) – I am Called to MATURE


The Way of Jesus (Part 5): I am Called to MATURE
Reborn complete but not finished.

Pastor Andrew Ruth
February 8, 2015
Proverbs 9:1-6, 9-10
Hebrews 5:11-14
Luke 8:4-15

Take inventory

Maturity is a process not a destination. There are mature 5 year olds and mature 65 year olds. The 5 y/o is not immature because she is not 65. You are not immature unless you are not growing in your ability to FOLLOW, FISH, WORSHIP,LOVE, GIVE, SERVE, PRAY, FORGIVE. Maturity is relative, but overall if we could plot spiritual progress on a chart, we’d hope it looks like a good retirement account – full of ups and downs, but overall trending northward. So first step, take some time this week to take inventory. In general are you more faithful, generous, joyful, knowledgeable, loving, forgiving than you were 5 years ago?

Stop Stunting Growth

Stop habits that stunt your spiritual growth. Continuing to walk in known, revealed, habitual sin after being REBORN is like smoking in elementary school, it stunts your growth. It stunts your spiritual growth and kills your body when your body should be growing. You will never completely stop sinning on this side of Heaven, but that is no excuse to keep pet sins.

Eat More

Find a way to eat more. Take one step to either increase the quality of food you’re eating or the quantity of food you’re eating. When I first started to grow in my faith, the fella discipling me, Chad Shelley is his name, told me, “Ruthy, if you’re going to grow you need to always be reading. Reading the Bible and some book about the bible.” I’d say the same to you. If reading isn’t your preferred learning method, then maybe go on iTunes and find a podcast. Find a musician that sings gospel truth and marinate in that on your way to work.

Work Out

Practice. Work out. Muscles get bigger when we use them. Senses are honed through repetition. Remember, you never learned to walk without falling. You never learned to ride a bike without trying. You never learned to read without errors, but you had help. Your momma or daddy or teacher or grandmomma held your arms and walked with you. Spiritual growth happens the same way. Your faith will never grow, unless you intentionally put yourself in situations where you need God to show up or else you crash and burn.

Weekly Reading Plan

This sermon series includes a weekly Bible Reading Plan.  Each week we read in preparation for the sermon coming next week. Next week we will discuss The Way of Jesus - I am called to SERVE, so this week we will be reading about serving the Body of Christ with our Spirit given gifts using this WEEK 6 READING PLAN. Tips and suggested questions available on the PDF.

 TheWayOfJesus-I am called to - Week 6 Reading Slide

SERMON: The Way of Jesus – I am called to FISH


The Way of Jesus: I am called to FISH - Making More and Better Disciples

Pastor Andrew Ruth
January 18, 2015
Matthew 28:16-20

Further Reading Suggestions for this sermon:

Born to Reproduce

This sermon by Dawson Trotman is essential reading/listening for anyone wanting to "make more and better disciples." It is short, challenging, and FREE.

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Master Plan of Evangelism

This is the most helpful and Biblically insightful HOW-TO guide for evangelism I've ever seen. Consider it assigned reading for those desperate to figure disciple-making out.

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The Celtic Way of Evangelism

Put this 3rd on your list. It is a fascinating study of the way St. Patrick converted the Pagan Celts to Christianity, and how we as 21st century Christians could do the same to pagan Americans.

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Weekly Reading Plan

This sermon series includes a weekly Bible Reading Plan.  Each week we read in preparation for the sermon coming next week. Next week we will discuss The Way of Jesus - I am called to LOVE, so this week we will be reading about love, using this WEEK 3 READING PLAN. Tips and suggested questions available on the PDF.

TheWayOfJesus-I am called to - Week 3 Readings Only