Weekly Reading Plan – April 19-26, 2020

Weekly Reading Plan for our new Sermon Series

DAY 1 – Acts 1:1-11 – Pray for New Understanding of Church and her Mission

DAY 2 – Acts 1:12-26 – Pray for a Bible-loving, Bible-studying Church

DAY 3 – Acts 2:1-13 – Pray for more Holy Spirit filling to reach all kinds of people

DAY 4 – Acts 2:14-41 – Pray for yourself, your children, and people you are close to that are far from God to be “cut to the heart” and repent.

DAY 5 – Acts 2:42-47 – Pray for true DEVOTION

While we are not gathering in our building every week, it is the perfect time to reconsider what is the Church? We’ll start by reading in the book of Acts.

  1. Before reading, consider the following: What is The Church? A church? How does Oakland qualify? Can we be a church during this time? How?
  2. What makes the Church different from any other philanthropic group or social club?
  3. What is the point of the church? Why does the church exist? What does a church do?
  4. Acts is Part 2 of Luke’s gospel. What does “all that Jesus began to do and to teach” imply about the church’s actions? What does this teach us about Jesus’ relationship with his Church?
  5. Jesus has already had 3 years with the apostles, why does he spend another 40 days with them? What can you tell about the resurrection from these verses?
  6. According to Acts 1:8, what is the Holy Spirit for? Who has the Holy Spirit? How can you tell?
  7. What was the first priority of the disciples after Jesus’ ascension (Verse 14)? What does this look like? This is the first thing churches should do. When have you seen a church “all joined together constantly in prayer”? How could Oakland do so?
  8. What can we tell the apostles have been doing in prayer time based on Peter’s teaching in verses 15-22? Where do the disciples expect God to answer their prayers and show them the next right thing to do? What is the connection between Bible study and prayer?
  9. Why do the disciples replace Judas?  Why do they lead by “committee” even if Peter seems to lead the committee?
  10. “Pentecost” is a Greek word that means 50, and the Greek name for an Israelite holy day. What did Jews celebrate on Pentecost (Deut 16:10)? Why would God give the Holy Spirit on this day?
  11. What does the Holy Spirit empower the disciples to do? Why? What is the Spirit’s goal? To whom does the Spirit of God speak? What does this teach us about the ethnic composition of the Church? Why has the church then become repeatedly racist and self-segregating?
  12. How does Peter explain Pentecost? When has God done something you could not explain? Where does Peter explain from?
  13. What is the heart of Peter’s sermon? What does the resurrection prove for Peter? What does the Holy Spirit prove? How is the Holy Spirit connected to the Resurrection?
  14. What is the message of the Church? What is the offering of the Church?
  15. What is the response to this message (vs 38)? When was your heart cut to the quick? When was it last cut and powerfully convicted?
  16. What is the movement of the gospel in Acts 1:8? Acts 2:39? Have you accepted these promises? Are you sharing them with your family? Are you sharing them with all who are far off?
  17. What do the new disciples immediately begin to do (verses 42-47)? Why don’t they follow Jesus alone? Why doesn’t the gift of the Holy Spirit allow it to be “just me and God”?
  18. What did this collection of disciples do? What does it mean to be DEVOTED? DEVOTED to the apostles’ teaching? DEVOTED to fellowship? DEVOTED to breaking of bread? DEVOTED to prayer? Are you DEVOTED or what word would describe your relationship to each of those? Is Oakland DEVOTED? Which are we most/least devoted to?
  19. What happened when the disciples DEVOTED themselves? Are we expecting the awe and the wonders and the added numbers without devotion to God and to one another?
  20. What would true devotion look like? Devotion to Bible, fellowship, sharing, and prayer look like for you? For Oakland?