24 Hours of Prayer Vigil


A 24 Hour Prayer Vigil will be held at Oakland on Saturday, April 2 starting at 7:00 am. Before anyone is asked for a single dollar towards mortgage debt, we will center ourselves in God’s heart and Oakland’s mission. We will spend 24 straight hours in prayer, praying for our ministries and our community. By dividing the time into 30 minute shifts, we will make sure someone is always at Oakland praying, while anyone is free to stop by at any time to join them. We will spend the time asking God to use us in Cleveland, to grow us individually and communally, to spark revival, to give us the vision, and to provide the resources to make it a reality. Please sign up for a 30 minute slot. 


Church Wide Prayer Walk


March 26 at 8AM

We will pray over all the rooms in the building, over the ministries of the church, and over the streets/neighborhoods in Cleveland. There will be interactive exercises to guide you in your prayers. Be there unless you’ve got something more important than prayer to do on a Saturday morning.