1857 Layman’s Prayer Revival

1442766193809Yesterday, Andrew told three stories about times God did amazing things that changed the course of history. Each time God used a small group of people seeking God and seeking a groundswell of conversions and faith. 

Here is an account of the second story, often called the 1857 Layman's Prayer Revival, which began with a 12-1pm Businessman's Prayer Meeting in NYC.

I pray it spurs you to pray for revival and pray that God would use Oakland in a similar way. That through Oakland, God would start a tidal wave of conversions, faith, prayer, revival, piety, evangelism, mission, and social revival. We pray for a landslide shift in churches all over Johnston County that God would cause thousands of conversions in JoCo and start dozens of churches, ministries, homeless shelters, food-pantries, recovery centers, and so much more. We pray that spreads through the whole Triangle and North Carolina. 


Please Lord. Please. 


SERMON – Our P.S.A.L.M. – PullingTOGETHER Celebration – Why Not Us?


 Our P.S.A.L.M. - PullingTOGETHER Celebration Sunday - Why Not Us? Why Not Revival? 

Preached by Andrew Ruth
 For the first half of 2016, we embarked on PullingTOGETHER2016, a campaign to raise $800,000 to completely obliterate all Oakland debt and empty our hands so that we could be ready for whatever God asks us to do next. We have to date raised over $600,000, and so we wanted to celebrate. At the same time, PullingTOGETHER was never about money or debt, it was always about people and ministry. We feel like God is going to do something huge in the near future, and we will only be able to participate in God's Revival if we eliminate the burden of debt. For more information about PullingTOGETHER, our vision, and how you can participate, visit PullingTOGETHER. 

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