Soli Deo Gloria

I know we've been using a lot of Latin in Sermon Titles lately, but that is because we're reiterating 5 classic statements of Reformed Christianity. These sentences keep us right in the middle of the broad stream of Orthodox Christianity, and the remind us that we are part of a much bigger Church than just Oakland and just the 21st century. 
This week, we're studying Soli Deo Gloria, To God Alone Be Glory, which says in summary, that all of history is for the glory of God. The point of human existence, the reason God created us and redeems us is to "glorify God and enjoy God forever" (Shorter Westminster Catechism). 

To learn more about the Glory of God, I offer you this article,


written by John Piper and published by (a ministry of R.C. Sproul). The article tackles several common questions: 
What is the Glory of God?
How Central is the Glory of God?
What is Our Hope?
How Do We Treasure the Glory of God?

If the hyperlink above does not work, try this: 


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