SERMON – John 18 – The Judge is Arrested


John 19 - The King is Enthroned
"It is finished."

Pastor Andrew Ruth
March 29, 2015
John 12:12-30
John 19

It is finished     |     Tetelestai     |     τετελέσται


When a servant completed an assigned task in the assigned manner, she would report, "Tetelestai. It is finished." Jesus is the True Servant who accomplished his Father's will and mission to save humanity.


If a priest examined a sacrificial lamb and found the animal to be without blemish, he declared, "Tetelestai. It is complete." Jesus is the True High Priest and the True Passover Lamb.


When an artist stepped back from her sculpture for the final time, she declared, "Tetelestai. It is finished." Jesus' life, death, and resurrection are the consummation of God's grand design for salvation established before the foundations of the earth. 

Debt Collectors

When a debt was paid off in full, the promisory note was marked, "Tetelestai. Paid in full." Jesus is the King who paid the Debt of Sin that we could not pay. He has cancelled out the ledger by nailing it to the tree. 


When a convict completed his sentence or underwent his punishment, his case was marked, "Tetelestai. It is finished." Jesus bore the punishment for all our sins. He was crushed for our iniquities, and the punishment that brought us peace was laid upon him.