Weekly Bible Reading Plan – April 19 – April 26

Snow Globe Kingdom Week 1 Reading Plan - 4.19-4.26


Questions to Guide You:
  1. After hearing a sermon on Matt 1:1-17, what stands out in this list?
  2. Seeing Jesus embarrassing family tree, what parts of your family’s story do you hope to see God redeem?
  3. How does the Spirit do the same thing in Gen 1 and Matt 1? Gen 17 and Matt 1? How does Jesus fulfill the promise in Gen 12?
  4. What do you think Joseph and their families thought when Mary was found to be pregnant?
  5. Why did Joseph want to divorce her quietly? What does it say about marriage, that even engaged people needed a “divorce”?
  6. The name Jesus is Greek for the Hebrew name Joshua, which means “The LORD saves.” Who was Joshua in the OT and how is Jesus like him and better than him?
  7. How do you think God would feel if he had to live your life with your family, friends, and job? How would God respond to the pain you’ve suffered? If Jesus is “God with Us”, how was his life like yours?
  8. What does it mean to be “human”? How was Jesus human?

For a printer-friendly copy of this reading plan, including sample questions to augment your study of Scripture, Download the PDF. 


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