Weekly Bible Reading Plan – Aug 30 – Sept 6, 2020 – The Lord’s Supper

DAY 1 – Mark 14:1-26 – Pray for students

DAY 2 – John 6:25-71 – Pray for the homebound

DAY 3 – 1 Cor 11:17-34 – Pray for parents and grandparents

DAY 4 – Matt 8:11; Rev 3:20 – Pray for mealtime conversations

DAY 5 – 2 Sam 9 – Pray people with special needs

While we were not gathering in our building every week, many of us had to take responsibility for our spiritual lives in deeper way than ever before. We had to intentionally feed ourselves spiritually, when we could not depend on our Sunday School Teachers and Preachers to do so. So we’re going to send the next few weeks insuring that we know how to feed ourselves. This week, we’re going to practice Listening to God by praying God’s Word back to God.  

  1. What were you seeking in life before Christ? Where did you look for it? Where did that lead you? How did you find it in Jesus?
  2. Who do you know looking for the same thing?
  3. What are your children looking for? Your parents? Your closest friends? How might you point them to that thing in Jesus?
  4. This week, we’ll think about the Lord’s Supper. When did Jesus serve this meal? Who did he serve it to? What happens after this meal?What does this say about Communion even for people who still betray Jesus with sin?  
  5. What is the holiest moment of your life? When Jesus was so close it was like him hand feeding you?
  6. What does John 6 teach us about the true nature of the Last Supper, or rather, what the Last Supper represents? What is the bread of heaven? How do we eat it really?
  7. What ways do Corinthians mess up the Supper? How are they failing to discern the Body of Christ in the elements? In each other?
  8. When do they eat the Supper in Corinth? How do they eat it?
  9. Why is “Eating with Jesus” so precious an invitation? Have you said yes? Do you imagine Jesus at your dinner table? Could you sacramentalize the meals around your table?
  10. What similarities are there between you and I and Mephibosheth? Between Jesus and David?
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