Weekly Bible Reading Plan – January 10-17

January 10-17

FOR THE KING – Glimpses of the Kingdom (Part 3)

A Kingdom of Life and Joy and Pleasure

Day 1 Romans 6:23 John 10:10
Day 2 Romans 6:11-14  
Day 3 2 Thess 2:16-17  
Day 4 Psalm 84:10-11  
Day 5 Psalm 73:23-28  


Questions to Guide You:

We will step away from Matthew for a week, and study some beloved verses from around the Scriptures.

  • Romans 6:23 is a summary of the Christian faith. What does it say about the payment for sin? If we all sin, what have we earned and deserve as a paycheck? But what do we get instead? Where does this come from?
  • What is eternal life? Or Life to the full? When have you tasted it? When have you felt God the closest? How were you “more alive” in that moment than in the moments you now regret?
  • Romans 6:11-14 is a natural consequence of 6:23. What does it mean to “offer every part of yourself to God as an instrument?” What parts have you been holding back? What parts of your life, what time or energy are you still using to serve sin, to do things that cover you with shame and separate you from God?
  • What is the “eternal encouragement and good hop” God gives us in 2 Thess 2? How does this big picture give us encouragement for every small action and word? Where do you need encouragement? Where has God encouraged you in the past? What is God encouraging you to do?
  • Is serving the Lord a sacrifice according to Psalm 84? Do you picture a God who gives a list of “Do not do this…” or who “withholds no good thing?” What would our lives look like if we believed our greatest joy was found in living life with God, God’s way?
  • Psalm 73:25 – “Earth has nothing I desire besides you.” The things I desire more than God are my idols and the root of my sin. I pray that I will come to desire God more than all else.
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