Weekly Bible Reading Plan – July 19 – July 26

Matt 6.19-34 - Reading Slide - The Kings Speech (part 5)

 Questions to Guide You:

  1. Which verse in Matthew 6:19-34 grabs your attention? Which verse will you memorize?
  2. What does it look like to store up treasures on earth? In heaven? How can you better treasure Jesus this week?
  3. How are worry and faith related? How are money and worry spiritual problems? What does worry reveal about us and our relationships?
  4. Why do Matthew and Hebrews tell us not to worry and not to love money? How do you know when you’re in love with money?
  5. Americans are among the top 10% of wealthiest people on the planet, so we should pay attention to what the Bible tells “rich” people. What does Timothy tell the “rich” people in the church? What about James? Why the different approaches?
  6. How can you be a better rich person in the world and in the church?
  7. Both Proverbs 23 and Psalm 127, worn us about wearing ourselves out, how are you feeling right now? You are especially vulnerable to temptation when exhausted, so how can you rest and savor God’s goodness this week?

For a printer-friendly copy of this reading plan, including sample questions to augment your study of Scripture, Download the PDF. 


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