Weekly Bible Reading Plan – June 21 – June 28

Matt 5.17-37A Reading Slide - The Kings Speech (part 2A)

 Questions to Guide You:

  1. What does Jesus say about the Law and commands of God? What do you think he means?
  2. How does Jesus quote and interpret the Ten Commandments (Deut 5)? Does he make them easier or harder? Does this surprise you? Why do you think God gave us the 10 Commandments?
  3. Of the Jesus’ commands, which one is the most personal to you? How does it make you feel? How do you think it made the original audience feel? Why does Jesus say them even if the commands make us uncomfortable? How are these verses Good News?
  4. What does the author of Psalm 119 think about God’s Word? Why does he love it? What does he do with it?
  5. How are you like or different from the author of Ps 119? How do you feel about the Word of God? What would your life look like if you felt like the author of Ps 119 does?
  6. How can you learn to love God’s Word and trust it’s instructions more this week? What sins do you need to confess and start to battle?

For a printer-friendly copy of this reading plan, including sample questions to augment your study of Scripture, Download the PDF. 


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