Weekly Bible Reading Plan – March 29 – April 4

John 20 - Easter Reading Plan Slide

Questions to Guide You:
1. Why do you think Jesus washed his disciples feet?
2. How would you feel if someone washed your feet? How did the disciples feel?
3. What did Jesus want his disciples to learn?
4. What actions can we do to show love that are as scary, radical, and scandalous as “washing feet”?
5. Who discovers that Jesus is missing? Who first sees Jesus? Why do you think Jesus appeared to them first?
6. One disciple stops at the entrance and one enters the tomb, why the difference? Why does the Bible record the details about the grave clothes?
7. How did the disciples feel when Jesus appeared in the locked room?
8. Which disciple are you like? The beloved disciple? Simon Peter? Mary Magdalene? Thomas?
9. Why was the gospel of John written? Did it succeed?

For a printer-friendly copy of this reading plan, including sample questions to augment your study of Scripture, Download the PDF. 


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