Weekly Bible Reading Plan – May 10 – May 17

Youth Sunday - Weekly Reading Plan - May 10 - 17 2015

 Questions to Guide You:
  1. (Ex 7:4-5) What two things will happen because of God’s signs?
  2. People in Egypt look to the Nile for life, so if it turns to blood, what do you think God is saying about the source of life and death?
  3. How do the plagues set Yahweh, the LORD, the God of Moses apart form the Egyptian gods?
  4. When the magicians reproduce the plague/sign, are they helping or hurting? Who brings the plague and relief from the plague?
  5. Who “hardens” Pharaoh’s heart? What does this teach us?
  6. Does Pharaoh ever recognize God’s finger at work or God’s power? What is the difference between this kind of recognition and real faith?
  7. What do these stories teach us about God’s Judgment and God’s Mercy? How are the two connected?
  8. The New Testament calls Jesus our Passover Lamb. How is he like the lambs used during the 10th Plague?
  9. God pronounces judgment not only on Pharaoh but also on the false gods of Egypt, what are our false gods and how is God exposing them?

For a printer-friendly copy of this reading plan, including sample questions to augment your study of Scripture, Download the PDF


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