Weekly Bible Reading Plan – May 22-29

The center column holds the main text for each day, while the right column includes secondary texts.

Basic Tips:1.) Use a translation you can understand. If new to the Bible, try the NIrV or The Message, which are both available online. 2.) Use a kids Bible with kids. 3.) Keep a pencil and notebook around to write down questions, observations, and conclusions. 4.) Have fun. Use your imagination and your brain.

Our PSALM - A - Reading Plan -  May 22-29.2016 - Always Growing

Questions to Guide You:

We’re stepping away from Matthew for 6 weeks to remind ourselves of Oakland’s Vision and Values, which we abbreviate our P.S.A.L.M. because it is our worship of God in action. P. stands for “We Prize Presence.S. stands for “We Serve Hard.” A. is for “We’re Always Growing.” Spiritual growth is not an option, and faith is more of a journey than a light switch. Faith is like a plant it is either growing or shriveling, but never staying the same.

  • We’ve studied Ephesians 4 before, but it is so rich. What is the goal/purpose of pastors, teachers, evangelists? What is the goal of equipping the Saints? Why do we need the whole body to mature individually?
  • What does it mean to grow “in the faith of the Son of God”? “in the knowledge of the Son of God”? “the whole measure of the fullness of Christ?”
  • How do we grow? What things do we need and need to do?
  • 1 Peter 2:2, talks about “Spiritual milk,” what do you think that is?
  • How are we changed from one degree of glory to another in 2 Cor 3? This implies that all spiritual growth is gradual, and there are no silver bullets.
  • What is Paul’s goal for a church according to Col 1:28, and how does he hope to accomplish it?
  • Proverbs 1 talks about wisdom, which we might equate with maturity. Who needs wisdom according to Proverbs 1?
  • Acts 9 is the conversion of Saul, who becomes Paul, the greatest evangelist. I want you to think about Acts 9:22. Did Paul just get converted and that was all? How have you “grown more and more” since becoming a Christian? If you have not grown, why not?
  • James 1 points out that growth comes through struggle, through trial. How do trials and grief produce maturity? Is it possible to mature without adversity and disappointment? When do we grow the most?

If you are new to reading the Bible and would benefit from a brief orientation, download this How To Use This Book. If you want dig a deeper into the Bible, download this Guide to Inductive Bible Study.

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