Weekly Bible Reading Plan – Nov 1-8

For the Joy Reading Plan Part 2

Questions to Guide Your Study:

  • FOR THE JOY, Jesus was generous. Last week, we saw the awesome generosity of God. This week, we’ll study how that liberates us to be generous like God.
  • Think hard about 2 Cor 8:9; what did Jesus give up to make you rich in Heaven? What did Jesus sacrifice to save you? How does that impact your desire to share the gospel with others?
  • Lev 27 and Deut 26 are famous Old Testament lessons on generosity. In Lev 27, who “owns” the tithe (the first 10% of profit)? How does the offering of firstfruits make the people feel? How does it make you feel? How does right understanding of ownership affect our feelings?
  • How does David feel about giving to God’s Temple in 1 Chron 29? Does he consider it a burden? Why not? What is “the privilege of giving”?
  • What does 2 Cor 8 promise about our giving? How is it that we can never out give God? What does God get out of our giving? What do we?
  • John 3:16 is about God’s gift. 1 John 3:16 is about our response to John 3:16. What does love do?

If you are new to reading the Bible and would benefit from a brief orientation, download this How To Use This Book. If you want dig a deeper into the Bible, download this Guide to Inductive Bible Study.

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