Weekly Bible Reading Plan – Sept 13-20, 2020 – The Passover

DAY 1 – Heb 11:28; Gen 12 – Pray for modern slaves

DAY 2 – Joshua 5 – Pray for the fearful

DAY 3 – Ezra 6 – Pray for new identity

DAY 4 – Luke 22:1-38 – Pray for our Elders

DAY 5 – Gal 6:7-10 – Pray for endurance

While we were not gathering in our building every week, many of us had to take responsibility for our spiritual lives in deeper way than ever before. We had to intentionally feed ourselves spiritually, when we could not depend on our Sunday School Teachers and Preachers to do so. So we’re going to send the next few weeks insuring that we know how to feed ourselves. This week, we’re going to practice Listening to God by praying God’s Word back to God.  

  1. When have you been confronted by countless “no’s” when trying to do God’s will? How did you respond to all the disappointment?
  2. How many times has Moses confronted Pharaoh? How many times has Pharaoh said, “No”? There were no other memorial meals/rituals for the other plagues, so why does God instituted a memorial meal and not just a plague?
  3. Who is the eat the Passover meal? Why? How are they to eat it? What if one of them (like a child) doesn’t understand the significance? Why would God prepare parents for these questions?
  4. What rituals do you have that spark questions from your children or extended family? Are you prepared to explain them?
  5. What do Joshua and the Israelites do before crossing into the promised land? Why? How do these actions prepare them for the opposition they will face? What identity do they receive?
  6. What does Ezra do with the exiles after they return? Why is the Passover so pivotal to their re-establishment in the land? What does this do for them?
  7. Why do you think God connects the Passover and the Last Supper? How did the Passover point to the Last Supper?
  8. Where are you tempted to grow weary right now? How can you persevere?
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