Weekly Bible Reading Plan – Sept 20-27, 2020 – The Red Sea

DAY 1 – Hebrews 11:29; Exodus 13:17-22 – Pray for patience on the long road

DAY 2 – Exodus 14 – Pray for the next right step for yourself and for Oakland

DAY 3 – Isaiah 43:1-7 – Pray for God’s presence at Oakland Events

DAY 4 – Psalm 136 – Pray for Oakland to Worship with exuberance

DAY 5 – Joshua 3-4 – Pray for the Next Generation and Sarah’s Ministry

While we were not gathering in our building every week, many of us had to take responsibility for our spiritual lives in deeper way than ever before. We have to intentionally feed ourselves spiritually if we want to PERSEVERE.

  1. When has God led you on the roundabout way (Ex 13:17)? When has God taken you the long way? How did you handle it?
  2. Why did God take the Israelites the long way around? What can you learn from this lesson?
  3. When have you run into a huge roadblock, when trying to follow Jesus? When has God called you out of something and then your way was blocked? What did you do?
  4. What did God do for the Israelites when Pharaoh started chasing them? How have you seen God fight for you? What does it look like to be still and let God fight for you? How is this different from doing nothing?
  5. What do you notice about the Pillar of Fire? When have you experienced the Lord going before or behind you (cf. Psalm 139:5-6)?
  6. Where do you see faith in Ex 14? How would you have responded? Why did the Chariots get stuck instead of running down the slower walking people? How was this miracle tactical and supernatural? How can you look for tactical miracles too?
  7. When did the waters part?
  8. What does Isaiah 43 mean to you? What are the fires and the waters? Where are they raging in your lives?
  9. What stands out about Psalm 136? Why does the Bible rehearse the Exodus so much? Why is Psalm 136 so repetitive?
  10. What similarities do you see with the Jordan Crossing and the Red Sea? Why would God do it again? What lesson is he teaching both these generations?

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