Weekly Reading Plan – April 5-12 – Holy Week

Weekly Reading Plan for Holy Week

DAY 1 – LUKE 22:1-38

DAY 2 – LUKE 22:39-23:1

DAY 3 – LUKE 23:1-43

DAY 4 – LUKE 23:44-56


The week between Palm Sunday and Easter is called Holy Week. During this time, it is tradition to reread the story of Jesus’s betrayal, arrest, trial, torture, death, burial, and resurrection. We will join this ancient tradition following Luke’s story.

  1. What does Passover celebrate? What might we intuit from this time of Jesus’ death? How is Jesus death like Passover?
  2. Why do you think Judas betrayed Jesus? What might his motivations be? How do you think he justified it? How are you like Judas?
  3. What can we learn from the Last Supper Jesus shares with his disciples? What part of the story stands out to you?
  4. Jesus is talking about his death; how do the disciples turn the conversation into a greatness contest? How do we do the same?
  5. What does Jesus pray? How does the Father answer his prayer? How do we know what God’s will is? Practically, what are ways we turn our will over to God’s will?
  6. Why are the disciples so exhausted? How is this related to the temptation they will encounter? When are you most vulnerable to the Devil’s tempting?
  7. What is Peter doing? Why? How would you feel in that moment if you were Peter? How are you like Peter?
  8. Why is it so tempting to mock Jesus? How is it possible for us to mock Jesus today? What unites Pilate and Herod? How does utilitarian thinking get us into trouble?
  9. What words does Jesus say from the cross? What do they mean? How are they true of you? Which criminal gets it right? What has he done to earn Jesus’ paradise? Have you made the same request of Jesus?
  10. Why are Joseph’s actions courageous? What does he risk? Why does he risk it? What have you to risk?
  11. Isaiah 53 was written hundreds of years before Jesus’ birth. What amazes you about how the pieces fit together?  
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