Weekly Reading Plan – August 23-30, 2020 – Baptism

DAY 1 – Matt 3 – Pray for those who want to make a change

DAY 2 – Acts 2:38-39; 16:15; 16:33; 18:8 – Pray for whole families to be converted

DAY 3 – Rom 6:1-14 – Pray for us to die to sinful ways

DAY 4 – 1 Cor 12:12-13 – Pray for Church Unity

DAY 5 – Ephesians 5:25-26 – Pray we’d believe we’ve actually been washed.

While we were not gathering in our building every week, many of us had to take responsibility for our spiritual lives in deeper way than ever before. We had to intentionally feed ourselves spiritually, when we could not depend on our Sunday School Teachers and Preachers to do so. So we’re going to send the next few weeks insuring that we know how to feed ourselves. This week, we’re going to practice Listening to God by praying God’s Word back to God.  

  1. What were you seeking in life before Christ? Where did you look for it? Where did that lead you? How did you find it in Jesus?
  2. Who do you know looking for the same thing?
  3. What are your children looking for? Your parents? Your closest friends? How might you point them to that thing in Jesus?
  4. This week, we’ll think about Baptism, by looking at many different verses. Jesus is baptized in Matt 3.
  5. How did John explain the baptism John was offering? What is the difference between “John’s baptism” and “Christian baptism”?
  6. Why is Jesus baptized if he has no sin? What happens during Jesus’ baptism? Are there corollaries for believers being baptized into Jesus’ name?
  7. What do you learn about baptism in Acts? What patterns do you see? How should these affect your family? And your ministry to your family?
  8. What is the symbolism of baptism in Rom 6? How is it that you and I are buried with Christ? How raised? What does that even mean? How can we be dead and yet still alive?
  9. In 1 Cor 12, how does baptism affect our relationship with the church? In baptism we are united with Christ, which means we’re also united with whom?
  10. Ephesians 5, is an odd place to think about baptism, but the symbolism involves water. What does Jesus’ do to us? What can wash away our sin?
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