Weekly Reading Plan – May 10-17, 2020

Weekly Reading Plan on Acts 8-9

DAY 1 – Acts 8:1-8 – Pray for the Church to Preach where Scattered

DAY 2 – Acts 8:9-25 – Pray for Old Ways of Thinking to Die

DAY 3 – Acts 8:26-40 – Pray for the Holy Spirit’s Leading and Platform

DAY 4 – Acts 9:1-18 – Pray for person you think is least likely to follow Jesus.

DAY 5 – Acts 9:19-31 – Pray for us to grow more and more powerful.

While we are not gathering in our building every week, it is the perfect time to reconsider what is the Church? We’ll start by reading in the book of Acts.

  1. Before reading, consider the following: what did you learn about church last week? How is social distancing changing your understanding and appreciation of the church?
  2. What is persecution? How much do you know about historical and contemporary persecution of Christians? What happens to the church because of the persecution? What are the blessings of persecution?
  3. What were the dangers of going to church in Acts 8? Who did you put in danger by gathering for worship? Any similarities to us?
  4. The church was scattered like we are scattered. What did they do once scattered? Have you been imitating them? Would you keep preaching and healing if it meant being arrested or chased? Why would Philip risk his safety, and yet we find it hard to risk our reputation or social status?
  5. Does your household pray for miracles? Do you retell stories of past miracles?
  6. What is the big deal about preaching to Samaritans? Fulfills Acts 1:8. Why does the Holy Spirit come through someone else’s prayers? Why is spiritually not purely God and me? What does this teach us about God? When did the Holy Spirit come on you? What is the first experience of the Holy Spirit you can remember?
  7. What motivated Simon? What old habits and economies led him to this behavior which is contrary to the Kingdom? What old habits and economics fight the Kingdom within you? What does verse 23 warn us against? Bitterness is so deadly? How are you surrendering it?
  8. How does Simon respond to rebuke? How do you?
  9. How does the Spirit prompt Philip? How does the Spirit prompt you? How would you train someone to recognize the voice of God?
  10. When have you felt like the eunuch reading the Bible? How does Philip enter into a spiritual conversation and salvation conversation? What breaks the ice?
  11. Where does Philip preach in verse 40? This is a bit of a refrain, “and they preached everywhere they went”. What would the refrain be of Oakland? The American church?
  12. Who is Paul persecuting? How much does Jesus identify with his Church? When someone hurts you how does Jesus feel? When you hurt another believer, how does Jesus feel?
  13. What would you do if you were Ananias? How hard would it be to trust Paul’s conversion? What would verify it for you? What did Ananias risk? Why did Paul have to go to Ananias even after meeting Jesus firsthand? Who explained your spiritual experiences to you?
  14. How long did Saul wait to start preaching and ministering? How long did you wait? How can we be more like Paul?
  15. What does it mean to live “in the fear of the Lord and the encouraged by the Holy Spirit”?

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