Weekly Reading Plan – May 17-24 – Acts 9-11

Weekly Reading Plan on Acts 9-11

DAY 1 – Acts 9:32-43 – Pray for those who are not healed by God

DAY 2 – Acts 10:1-23 – Pray for God to use this Quarantine to prepare us for what’s next

DAY 3 – Acts 10:24-48 – Pray we’d share with Family like Cornelius and with the nations like Peter

DAY 4 – Acts 11:1-18 – Pray for courage to retell God-stories over and over

DAY 5 – Acts 11:19-30 – Pray for Oakland to be like Antioch

While we are not gathering in our building every week, it is the perfect time to reconsider what is the Church? We’ll start by reading in the book of Acts.

  1. Before reading, consider the following: what did you learn about church last week? How is social distancing changing your understanding and appreciation of the church?
  2. Why is Peter traveling? Have you ever traveled for the purpose of “visiting the Lord’s people who lived in _________”? Could you plan a vacation around a ministry or church or mission you wanted to visit and encourage? Do you normally attend worship on vacation?
  3. In Acts, miracles grab people’s attention, but what does it mean to “turn to the Lord”? What does that mean? How is that different from believing Jesus can heal a paralyzed man?
  4. Is it fair that some people get healed (Aeneas and Dorcas), while surely there were other sick people who did not get healed? How do you deal with this reality in your own life? Is God fair or is God just? What is the difference?
  5. What was Dorcas known for? What will you be known for? What would an honest obituary say about you?
  6. Should we raise people from the dead? Should we pray for healing? If so, when?  
  7. Peter is staying with Simon the Tanner. Tanning is treating dead animal skins and makes a person unclean in the OT, but Peter is still staying with him. How is this preparation for what happens with Cornelius? When have you seen God prepare you ahead of time for something coming? Who are you friends with because of Jesus, but would not ordinarily hangout with (like Simon the tanner or Cornelius)?
  8. Who does Cornelius talk to about his faith? Who does he share his Godsightings with (vss 2,7-8)?
  9. What do you learn about prayer from Cornelius and Peter? How does God speak to people now? What has he been telling you lately? Where do you see God’s timing in this story and in your life?
  10. How can you imitate Cornelius? Verse 24? Verse 33? Is your attitude like Cornelius? How can you imitate Peter? Unlike Cornelius do you withhold your testimony about Jesus and Godsightings  from your family? Unlike Peter do you have any friends of different national or ethnic origin?
  11. Is there anything wrong with a church of all one race? Should every church be multi-racial and multi-cultural? How do you recognize the Holy Spirit in someone’s life?
  12. Why does the Bible rerecord the story in Acts 11:1-18? Why not just say “So Peter told them what happened?” How does Peter use this story to teach some theology? Why is this so effective?
  13. The Church at Antioch is my hero church? What do you learn from this church? How could Oakland be more like Antioch?

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