Year in Review

Dear Oakland Family,

2020 has been a year like none other.  We have faced challenges and situations that we never imagined we would see in our lifetimes, but by the grace of God we managed to survive the year, and I would even dare to say that we will come out of it stronger than we started. As this year comes to an end, many of us will take time to look back at 2020 and make plans for 2021. Taking time to review your year will not only encourage or motivate you, but it also gives you time and focus to detect God’s presence in your life the past year as well as discern God’s direction for you as we move into the New Year.  

Simply looking back at the year can be helpful, but without a set structure it can be difficult to see the interweaving of God’s presence in your year.  To help you review your year, we have developed a processing chart with areas of your life and some guiding questions.  The areas we chose to help you get started correlate to the concentric circles of importance that Pastor Andrew has been leading us through this year.  You will take some time considering accomplishments, failures, and goals relating to your spiritual life, your family life (for you individually as well as for your family as a whole), your church life, your community life, your financial life, and your physical life (health & wellbeing). The categories and questions included in the chart are just suggestions to help you get started reviewing your year and to give you some guidance if you are not sure where or how to start.  If a category doesn’t seem to fit for you or if you have other areas to include, you can totally make this your own by adding or removing areas to review. Our Year in Review chart can be used individually and with your family. 

You can view and/or download the chart by using the link below.

We will also be using this chart during our Sunday school time on Sunday, January 3rd to discuss and reflect on our year together. While doing a review on your own will bring insight and direction, taking time to discuss your thoughts with peers will also bring new ideas and encouragement that you can carry with you into 2021. Our Sunday school classes will meet online at 9:00am using this Google Meet Link: and our in person class will meet in the church Fellowship Hall at 9:30am on January 3rd.
We hope you find this resource helpful and insightful as you look back at all God brought you through in 2020 to help you grow, and how those experiences will help you continue to grow and follow God’s will in 2021.  
Happy New Year!